What a better way to get a buddy up than to suck his cock? Bricks knows it's late in the day and tries to get Daneil going. Well, he succeeds in getting Daneil up and going, but I don't think either of these two will being going to work today. Some days are better when shared in bed. Licking Daneil's cock like an ice cream on a hot summer's day, Bricks takes care not to get a brain freeze, as the cock hits the back of his throat. While Daneil's bottom half is tended to, he pulls up his shirt to reveal a stunning top half: large, muscular, hairy chest, huge biceps and a tight stomach. Feeding Bricks' his hard dick, Daneil gasps, "yeah." Slapping and sucking every inch, Bricks enjoys all of the treat offered. Leaning up to kiss passionately, Bricks then stands up, drops his pajamas quickly, and shows us a gorgeous physique: big shoulders, strong biceps, six-pack abs and sexy legs that beg to be licked.

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